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Tell a great story and people will listen

When you feel that something must be done, you do it exactly as you have imagined it. Opinions and suggestions of others may be seen as salt, they add flavor to your original vision.

That is what I thought when I started this project and in my two years with “Gualtiero” I convinced myself even more.


Maurizio Gigola began his career in Milan, between the birth of the first private radios and the explosion of the Made in Italy phenomenon towards the end of the ’70s.

He studied in S. Francisco at the Academy of Arts University and in Italy he collaborated with maestro Luciano Emmer as a producer and director, making numerous successful documentaries and commercials.

In the 1990s he entered the world of Industrial Psychology, accepting to direct an Italian branch of P. A. Consulting and in the following twenty years, he collaborated with the most important companies in the Italian industrial and financial scenario (among other Fiat – Cattolica Assicurazione – Banco Popolare). In addition, he collaborated with Ogilvy and created one of the very first long-distance learning platforms, becoming a partner of Psychological Associates of San Louis (MO) for which he founded and directs DW ITALIA.

In the last two years (2016-2018) he dedicates himself in creating the documentary film about the life of Gualtiero Marchesi.

Today he works between Italy and S.Francisco, where he lives.

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