Derthona: Il Timorasso di Dio

Volpedo is a little village in north of Italy. It is borderland, a territory right in the middle of four regions: Piemonte, Emilia, Liguria, Lombardia. It is a jewel regarding food, wine, art, people and landscapes. This clip is the first part of a four seasons story around a grape, a wine : il Timorasso. This wine, with an ancient heritage, was forgotten for many years. Only recently some young producers decided to invest again in this “cultivar” and they produce a glorious white wine, full body, strongly mineral with the taste of the earth of this land and with the personality of this people.This first part tells about the fall , I shot it in november 2014 and I will finish this work for the next end of summer, for the harvest. There is much more to come…


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