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The most elegant wine in one of the most elective territory of production: Oltrepò Pavese. The Pinot noir…

Oltrepò Pavese, the agricultural soul of Lombardy

What is Oltrepò Pavese? It is the extreme point of the region of Lombardy, in the Province of Pavia, lying south of the river Po. It is roughly triangular in shape, like a kind of compact grape bunch attached to a cane, represented by the great river. The 13,500 hectares of vineyards make Oltrepò Pavese one of the most Italy’s largest appellation. In this infinite sea of vineyards there are several different varieties but the unquestioned prince is Pinot Noir: with a surface area of about 3,000 hectares it is the largest area in Italy dedicated to this variety.

Over a century of traditional method white wine making

Already at the start of the twentieth century in Oltrepò, Pinot Noir was being made into large quantities of sparkling white wine, the most common wine type in the world using the traditional method. The result was a product that stood out from the spectrum of bubblies for the backbone and austerity of the variety, much appreciated by connoisseurs and more or less intensely softened by the contribution of yeasts during the long years of lees contact (vintage wines).

Pinot Noir as a red, a noble but difficult choice

Optimising the fermentation of Pinot Noir on the skins, done by some wineries at the start of the 1950s, led to the creation of the ‘Pinot nero dell’Oltrepò pavese’ DOC in 2010, wholly dedicated to this still wine. Vinification of Pinot Noir with skin contact, as winemakers all over the world know well, is beset with tensions and often disappointment, but heralds the most amazing successes when all the elements of the suitability of the winemaking area are expressed. A difficult challenge that allows Oltrepò to compete with areas of the world where bottles epitomise the legend of the wine itself.

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