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    A Bite of Culture – Contemporary Italian Cuisine: Tradition and Innovation

    Ecco una sintesi del webinar internazionale organizzato dall’Istituto Italiano di Cultura dell’Ambasciata d’Italia a Washington DC cui ho preso parte con lo chef Carlo Cracco, stella Michelin, e Mary Beth Albright, esperta di cibo e autorevole firma del Washington Post. La conversazione ha esplorato temi come le tradizioni culinarie che si stanno evolvendo e le nuove tendenze nella cucina italiana. Il cibo e la cucina sono una caratteristica unica di tutte le culture. Spesso il cibo è visto come un segno distintivo che spiega chi siamo, da dove veniamo e chi vogliamo essere. Attraverso le contaminazioni interculturali e l’ampia disponibilità di sapori e ingredienti diversi, abbiamo assistito nel tempo a…

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    Cambur Pinton

    Cambur Pinton is a musical phrase that people use to tune the cuatro. It is the title that my wife Rennea Couttenye and I choose to name the Journey that we just started into venezuelan culture. We will shoot a point of view documentary about people, beautiful territory and music of this amazing country in the middle of the worst struggle of its history.

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    The Longevity Project

    Work in progress… The film tells the story of Ancel Keys, the famous american nutritionist. It starts from America in the 50s showing not only how food styles can influence people’s health but how these are central to the most relevant expressions of humankind often becoming the highest representation of the social, artistic and spiritual man. Francesco, our pope in his encyclical letter “Laudato sì” refers to topics that speak clearly of food and agriculture as the most critical elements relating to what is happening to “our house.” Themes such as the use of water, climate change, the loss of the biodiversity are drivers of the evolution in our “diet”…

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    Gualtiero Marchesi The Great Italian, “The beautiful and the good”

    It is 6.30 pm on a winter Thursday in Milan. While I’m observing the Teatro Alla Scala’s entrance Aida’s triumphal notes are silently playing in my head. It brings me back to the indelible memory of a snowy night during Sant’Ambrogio’s festivities in Milan; while Master Zeffirelli was producing that monumental work, I was there waiting for Christmas. Today my appointment is with another great master: Gualtiero Marchesi.  Gualtiero Marchesi and the Marchesino  I look to the left and catch sight of Marchesi’s last restaurant: Il Marchesino. The restaurant’s position next to the great theater discerns the beginning of Gualtiero’s story; of when he studied piano with passion, a passion that later evolved into real love.  Thanking…

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    Gualtiero Marchesi: The Great Italian

    Gualtiero Marchesi may be regarded to be an innovator, artist, musician, teacher, philosopher and of course a chef. He redefined Italian haute cuisine and changed it forever; spreading the seed of a novel cooking approach,  in which the ‘good’ is never disjointed from the ‘beautiful’. Thus, Marchesi created a true school of thought which participated in the upbringing of the greatest contemporary chefs as Carlo Cracco, Davide Oldani, Pietro Leeman, Daniel Canzian, Paolo Lopriore, Enrico Crippa, Simone Cantafio, Andrea Berton and Ernst Knamm. The great Italian is the first and only documentary that gives an account of Gualtiero Marchesi’s life and philosophy. The Great Italian, directed by Maurizio Gigola, was released…

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    Black & White

    The most elegant wine in one of the most elective territory of production: Oltrepò Pavese. The Pinot noir… Oltrepò Pavese, the agricultural soul of Lombardy What is Oltrepò Pavese? It is the extreme point of the region of Lombardy, in the Province of Pavia, lying south of the river Po. It is roughly triangular in shape, like a kind of compact grape bunch attached to a cane, represented by the great river. The 13,500 hectares of vineyards make Oltrepò Pavese one of the most Italy’s largest appellation. In this infinite sea of vineyards there are several different varieties but the unquestioned prince is Pinot Noir: with a surface area of…

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    Derthona: Il Timorasso di Dio

    Volpedo is a little village in north of Italy. It is borderland, a territory right in the middle of four regions: Piemonte, Emilia, Liguria, Lombardia. It is a jewel regarding food, wine, art, people and landscapes. This clip is the first part of a four seasons story around a grape, a wine : il Timorasso. This wine, with an ancient heritage, was forgotten for many years. Only recently some young producers decided to invest again in this “cultivar” and they produce a glorious white wine, full body, strongly mineral with the taste of the earth of this land and with the personality of this people.This first part tells about the…

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